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5 months

Garden Gone Wild!

While we were gone to Mississippi to my sisters memorial and helping get her things in order, Katie stayed home and took care of the garden with some help from our neighbor Dottie

Things more than tripled in size! wowza! in the photo with the pile of campfire wood, under it are 2 stumps I am still trying to burn out- they call it ironwood her and it's horrid stuff to get rid of! But, the good news is it's almost done and ready for the stumper!

  • July 12012 045
  • July 12012 046
  • July 12012 047
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July 12012 056

 I am pretty excited as this is the best "Crop" we have had in the 5 growing seasons we have lived here in Missouri!  Although there is quite a bit of catching up to do since being gone for my sister's memorial, I spent a couple hours out there last night trimming off the tips of all the spreading plants, the 9 ft tomato plants are now back to 6 ft tall so that they keep producing, I also trimmed the runners for the cantelope, watermelon and pumpkins so that the begin to produce fruits instead of just vines.  Now, to keep them well and not full of bugs!

I will share more photos tomorrow!


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