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Let me start this post off my saying the night ended badly due to 2 wasp stings- one to my right leg above the knee and the other on the back of my left calf.  YOWZA  they are still sore this morning!

I went out after work last night to thin the beets and weed in the garden.

June 22 2012 003
June 22 2012 003
This is the best stand of beets I have had since moving here! I used to grow 5- 100ft rows just like this in my past life/garden!

Here is what I got after pulling them -  some of them are a bit larger than I prefer but they will cut up and go great in my jars!

June 22 2012 009

and for the composter......
June 22 2012 009

I plan to pickle them, I LOVE cold pickled beets!!

I hope your garden or planters are doing wonderfully also!

Have a fabulously productive day everyone! Thanks for sharing my life with me!


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Did you really compost the beet tops. They are so good steamed with a little butter and a touch of salt. My mouth is watering. I love to garden just not able to yet. We are in new development and I need a fence first. Next year for sure.

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