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Western Wedding Invitations and Favor

So, They are headed home today - Katie and Mitch. This week has just gone WAY to fast for me!

Here are the "mock ups" of the Wedding Invitation and one of the table Favors we came up with-  It's a Country/Western Wedding in a Barn!

Katie & Mitch Trip May 2012 103

Since the Wedding will be in the Fall of 2013,  we will fill these favors with Candy Corn!

Yes, I make and sell favors for showers, weddings, parties of all kinds. A favor like the one above will cost $1.50 each (plus postage/shipping) and they will be empty and ready for you to fill. Pre- orders and pre payment are required on all special orders.

Katie & Mitch Trip May 2012 103



Katie & Mitch Trip May 2012 103
Katie & Mitch Trip May 2012 103

It has been awesome to have them here, wish they lived closer than 1600 miles away!

More of the plans over the weekend.  Have an awesome and creative day!


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Kristin Sanford

Is there any way that I would be able to get a sample box or invitation to me?? I am 12 months from my wedding yesterday and we are trying to get a grip on what we are looking for!! I love this favor box and the invite as well so if its possible either would work. I also like the price! :) this would fit us perfect. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you for your time.

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