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What a Day, Fire Devastaion Clean Up

Hi friends!

Dont forget to set your clocks AHEAD 1 hour tonight!!!

I don't have a project today because we spent the day with some friends from church who's home burned down a week ago today. It was very hard for me to drive in their driveway and see the devastation. Tears flowed quite well.   It was a chimney Flu fire. They left to go out to breakfast and ADT called them to tell them the home was burning, It was their mail lady who saw it and called it in and then some neighbors broke down the door to grab photos and things from the home as fast as they could- off the walls the desks etc... The home is a total loss.

I knew that cleaning up after a fire was horrific but this humbled me more than I can begin to share.  We picked through stuff looking for any more things to selvage, throwing away most everything. I kept reminding her that she will finally have things that match, not some of everything anymore. ;o) My heart just breaks for them and I love these friends more than they know.  We just don't realize how blessed we are.

I hope you had a wonderfully productive day also.  My prayer tonight is that we are all safe from harm and under Heavenly Father's protective care.



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have seen friends and neighbours go through
the same thing (with loss of lives) and
severe burns.....its very devastating...
sending thoughts and prayers your way.

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