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Happy Monday! Your Chance to Win!


It's a dreary gray day here but I am totally jazzed. We had a fabulous weekend!! Saturday's crop was fantastic and it is always fun to see friends, meet new friends and share our passion for Stampin Up! with everyone! Sunday was filled with amazing spiritual rejuvination during our Stake Conference and I feel completely blessed.

Today I have to unpack and organize so I am posting an awesome video by Diamond Rio for your viewing and listening pleasure.  Please watch it and then read the post below......


Be sure to call your local radio station to requst this song be played for all to enjoy! I am sick of this "politically correct" nonsense.  WHY can't WE be allowed to hear these things on our radios and TV's? Why is it such a big deal that people become offended? Being offended is how Satan wants you to feel, because then HE has control of your life not you!  Ok, off my soapbox now. ;o)

NOW   sound the Trumpets, strike up the band..... We have.....

Blog Rewards!!  aka Blog Candy-

EVERYONE who posts a comment to this post only will have their name put in a drawing for FREE STAMPS!  You will receive 4 individual wood mount stamps of my choice in a handmade darling container.  Be sure your email is in the comment so I can contact you when you win!

Here is a photo demo of where to click for posting comments- I don't know why Typepad has it so Small- argh! Click on the photo below to see it larger! Hope this helps!

Where to click for comments

Thank you for coming to my blog, I really appreciate you all more than you know! I love your comments & ideas and your emails mean so much to me, thank you!!

Have an awesome and productive day!


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Carol Meadows

Congrats on the blog award ~ is that cool or what ? Thanks for sharing the video too! :) Carol M in TX/

Debbie Flattum

Thanks for sharing the video and a chance to win some blog candy. I enjoy following your blog.


Congrats on winning the blog award! Becky

Sandy Fleming

GREAT video! Definitely something to think about.

Thanks for the chance to win!


Linda Henry

Love the video, TFS!

Susan Hackney

Great video! Thanks for posting it.

Kris Keuler

Hi Gwen,

Thanks for posting this awesome video!
Brought me to tears! Would like to get a copy of this on my ipod, I'll have to ask my son.
Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!


Rhonda Davis

I AGREE!!!!!! I'm sick of having to "hide" my beliefs because it may offend 1 person. Hello..this country was founded on
Christianity. GET OVER IT!!
Off my soapbox..... :)
Hope you have a productive day! We are buried in snow here in NY so it's a nice day at home!!

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