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Tea Dyed Tags Tutorial

I have been tea dying fabric for about 30 years now, so I got a wild hair and decided to try it on some of my tags. Here are some photos of how I did it and the results

Img_0764 I used some ready made tags from the office store, I cut a few out of SU cardstock with a die cut and my big shot
Img_0764 I used 2 cheap tea bags ( we do NOT drink tea or coffee I only keep it for dying fabric and now paper! lol)

This is an 8 cup measurer with water in it in the microwave because I didn't want to wait for it to boil on the stove- DO NOT put your tea bags in the microwave the tiny staple will freak out your microwave and start a fire!


Here are the tea bags "steeping" in the water

and here is the water after 30 minutes

Img_0772 Img_0772 45 minutes

Img_0772 after an hour I put in the tags Img_0772

 Img_0772 and I always get my hands in the water to swish things around!

Img_0779 Img_0779Img_0779Img_0779
After an hour in the tea water, I removed them and realized that next time I will use instant coffee instead of the tea for a more dramatic effect. as you can see in the last photo the tags come out flat but I let them dry for about 12 minutes and then crumpled them for this effect. If you leave them longer than an hour the paper starts to seperate and get mushy.


I like the crumpled look, it is going to be awesome when I ink these and distress them more and add smooch spray!  I will probably flatten them a bit too after I distress them so they lay better on my projects.

I am pleased with the results and will try instant coffee next time so that they come out darker!

Have fun dying some tags. I would love to see what you create with them!


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