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Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you!!


I'm honored to have recently received the Stylish Blogger Award.  Wow!  It is such an honor to be included in your ranks!  Earlier this month Diane Simpers gave me this award Thank you Diane! How kind and thoughtful of you!

As a recipient of this award  I am required to tell you 8 little bits of trivia about me that you may or may not know.  Then I will share the links to 8 bloggers that have inspired me. So, here goes!

1.  I was born in southern California and raised in Washington State
2. I was Harrah Sugar Beet Queen my Sophomore year and spent a year on floats in parades and I met a lot of politicians too! lol
3. I was Captain of our Varsity Volleyball Team my Senior Year of High school
4.  I was Professional Rodeo Queen for Toppenish, Washington when I was 18
5.  I have 3 kids- 2 boys and 1 girl
6.  I married the MOST wonderful man in the world named Kay in 2003
7.  My husband and I love to go on jaunts ( a drive to somewhere we have never been before)
8. I love antiques &  vintage but my heart will always be cowgirl!

Enough about me!  Here are 8 of many bloggers who inspire me ( not in any particular order).  Click on the links below and visit their blogs/websites:

Erika Martin

Carla Brasher

Patty Bennett


Creative Sketches

Lily Beans Paperie

Page Maps

Life on the Scrap Beach

Thanks for your inspiration everyone!


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