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Creative Sketches Color Challenge

and the WINNERS are...

drum roll please................

Babe OMara

Carol Meadows

Dorene Donaldson

Thank you ladies for your patience in receiving your "Post Rewards"! They are going postal today. (pun intended lolol)

I am sorry it's taken so long to get this posted and these prizes in the mail,  but as you all know my mom fell and broke her back in January and it really threw a kink in my daily grind.  She is progressing and still has 3 months to wear her back brace 24/7  but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! It just breaks my heart to hear her (now remember she has alzheimers too) to hear her say she would rather be dead than wear the brace and deal with the pain, poor thing. This is the strongest woman I have ever known- not just because she is my mom, but because when she was 20, she had polio and lost the use of her left arm. This is the gal who could always tie her shoes with one hand and do more with her 1 bad and 1 good arm than any other mother or woman around and I am not kidding!  She never whined or complained about her "disability", in fact we were smacked if we even used the word! It is so hard to see her aging- but I don't love her any less, I only love her more.

Thanks for your time today.  Have a great day, it's starting to warm up here.. it's a whole 10 degrees this morning instead of -10 like yesterday!


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