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Handmade Box with Matching Set of 4 Cards

Note pad Holders for the Craft Fair

These are a lot of fun to create, and really pretty easy!  We did learn something about putting in the pen: the penholder needs to be higher/further up on the side than where we put it so that the pen fits in better and doesn't hang down . AND that you MUST break up the cardstock or paper you use to cover the pen. Meaning use a bone folder to soften the paper a bit or it keeps popping loose from the pen no matter WHAT adhesive you use! (frustrating!)


These are very elegant and the tutorial and the metal all came from my pal Monika Weaver over at addalittledazzle

My demo friend Monica Weaver sells the Most Awesome Metal sheets and I buy from her-  be sure you click THIS LINK and buy your metal sheets from Monica at addalittledazzle for your holiday projects! And she has quick shipping because she has them in stock and VERY EXCELLENT QUALITY metal!

I used her metal to create these projects and I used Monica's Free tutorial too!


Hope this inspires you to create some great things for your craft booth or for gifts for your holiday giving!

I have been giving these as hostess thank yous when we go to church dinners,etc.

We need to bring back old fashioned courtesy and you know as a hostess all the work you go to! Let's remember to thank our hostesses!!

have a great day!



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J Beckert


I love these little notepads and pens could you possibly tell me where to get the tutorial for these and where to get the pens, and pads. I would like to make these for teachers. J Beckert

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