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Gardening Inspiration Goes HIGH-TECH!!!

A simple solution to both express your love of gardening

and drive your creativity in garden design.


Dear Gardening Friend,

If you're anything like me, you love spending time in your garden.  As a Master Gardener I find that there's just something about being outdoors, surround by the fruits of your labor that is immensely satisfying.

Unfortunately, I don't get to spend as much time in my garden as I would like.  Like you, I'm usually stuck in front of a computer all day.

Staring at the cold, electronic screen one day, I had an idea...

If I can't get out to the garden, why not bring the garden in to me?

And so, the "Gardens From Missouri Screensaver" was born!

The Gardens from Missouri is a CD-ROM containing a 50-picture screensaver, complete with easy to install instructions that even a novice computer user can understand.

Each picture is a beautiful, high-resolution photo of some of the most stimulating gardens and plants you will ever lay eyes on.

When I'm stuck at my desk, wishing I could be breathing fresh, rather than re-circulated air, I watch this screensaver and I am transported to the place I really want to be.

Although I created this screensaver for myself, my husband convinced me to share it with my fellow gardening enthusiasts.

And so, I'm making this screensaver available to YOU.


Installation couldn't be easier.  Once you download the file, you're just five minutes from enjoying your escape to the garden!

To order your downloadable screensaver for $19.97 (shipping included in price within the U.S.)  click the Buy Now button below.  International shipping available and appropriate postage rates will apply.

P.S. I truly hope you enjoy these photos as much as I continue to today.



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