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What have I been up to this week?

Well, for those who emailed me the last couple of days to ask that very question......


I have been knee deep all week in this...... Fall Decorating my ENTIRE house inside and outside! Yes! All the rooms have fall decor except for one storage room. I am as crazy decorating for fall as I am for Christmas!

I have started a new photo album titled Fall Decor 2010 so be sure to click that album in the right column to see my fall decor.  As you can see by my dining table, I have not finished yet and I bought a new wreath for the front door today at Hobby Lobby. I have a few things to hot glue into it and will have it up about Monday or Tuesday. Check back often during the next 2 weeks to the photo album to see more photos as I add them.

What have you been doing all week?


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Katie Gamble

MOMMY!!! I showed these pics to Ryan and his family so they would understand my excitment over my ONE fall decoration. lol Missing you like crazy!

Rose Menassas

I think it's wonderful how well the fall colors blend in with colors scheme of your "country" home. I always hesitate to put much "fall" into my home which is mainly navy blue and dusty rose and cream colored. Your photosgive me courage to just go ahead and do it! (christmas colors adapt much easier, using burgundy and forest greens, so I go all out for that, in spite of DH's insistence that our modern day celebration of Christmas is way pagan!)

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