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Using your Cricut to Cut Chipboard


Remember if it doesn't already say it's Archival safe, then be sure to use the Archival mist spray so you won't regret it later in your scrapbooks and spray both sides and let it dry before using!

Now for todays tips  they didn't tell me if this is for the older Cricut or the New Expressions- sorry!

from scrapbook.com:

Speed: Medium
Pressure: Max
Blade Setting: 6
Blade: Deep cut blade put into the regular green housing.
Multi cut: 8 times

How I multi cut 8 times

1. I went to settings pressed ok button until I got to multi cut menu
2. Used arrow keys to choose multi cut to 4 times
3. Then pressed settings again to exit.

------------ ---
To cut this chipboard try the following:

1. Chose the  image
2. Press cut: It will multi cut 4 times.
3. Then press load paper: The paper will reload to starting position.
4. Press load last: Your last image will reload.
5. Press cut again: It will multi cut 4 more times.
6. Don't forget to remove your deep cut blade from green housing and
put in your regular blade in the green housing.

Now lets see your cut chipboard projects!!!


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