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Rose Menassas

Proof once again that war is hell! I have seen this video several times (I have 2 grandsons in Afghanistan right now and people keep sending this to me) And it doesn't matter how often I vew it, it gets to me every time. So hard on the kiddies not to have Dads around for such chunks of time!


OH MY I've been sitting her for an hour watching all the home comings!!! What tear jerkers....I have a grandson on his way to Afgahanstan, and another grandson getting out of boot camp. Keeping all of our troops in our prayers....


Hi Gwen, Oh my gosh! I cried and cried... this was was too emotional for me. My son-in-law is leaving really soon to go to daughter and him just had a baby a month ago.... So this hit home to me. thanks for sharing!!!

michelle stamps

thanks for that it was awesome!

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