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Cricut Cartridge Storage!!

WOO HOO!!! Do I have a tip for you today!!

I was putting away my Cricut cartridges and wondering HOW I was going to store my new cartridges that do not come in their own "box".......  hmmmm...   and then it hit me!

Woo hoodly doo doo!!!!             Stampin Up has these:



 As you can see in the photos, the info paper in the cartridge package sticks out about  1/8 inch out of the case.  No big deal! Either cut if off to fit, or close the lid over it! For now, I choose to close the lid over it.

I am so very excited about this!!!! Now I don't have to worry about losing parts because the original Cricut packaging isn't made for storage and these cases lie flat and smart! I can keep them all together, sleek and stored on my shelf easy to find!  Yippeee!

Bulk Clear 
Mount Stamp Cases - by Stampin' Up!
Bulk Clear Mount Stamp Cases  #119105

Preferred Price: $4.95
(Preferred price is when you order online from my website, if you dont choose a demonstrator to order from you pay 5.50)

These clear-mount stamp cases conveniently store (Insert: CRICUT CARTRIDGES!!)  clear-mount stamp sets. A full-size stamp insert can slip into front of case; a thumbnail-size stamp insert can slip into spine, making it easy to locate your favorite stamps

■ About the size of a standard DVD case
■ 4 cases per package

Just click on My signature photo here to order!!  Happy storing!


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This is such an awesome idea, I just did a post on it on my blog...linking them back to you (and this post) of course!! Thank you for sharing this technique, I know many will appreciate it.


Oooo...good idea! I'll keep that in mind for when my Cricut arrives! :D

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