Cricut Tips

Recently I received an email from a group and it had these awesome Cricut Tips in it! So naturally, I thought that all of you would enjoy them as well!

BLADE LEVEL: Paper Types, Turn dial to…

-         1 for Vellum

-         2 for lightweight papers

-         6 for cardstock

-         6 for poster board

-         6 for vinyl


-         Maximum for cardstock and cuts that are simple

-         Minimum for Vellum


-         Paper Saver: Puts multiple image cuts to optimize paper space.

-         Real Dial Size: Will cut all items selected to be the same size, otherwise the machine will cut it proportionately.

-         Shadow Feature: Larger shadow image.

-         Shadow Blackout: Solid version of shadow feature (holes will be filled in)

-         Shift: Lets you select the letter or shape in the upper right hand corner

-         Shift Lock: Repeats selections.

-         Space: Puts the space between words in a phrase and shapes

-         Blade Navigation: Lets you to move around the cutting mat

-         Repeat Last- Will repeat the last cut.

-         Load Last: Will take you on the mat where your last cut ended.

-         Set Paper Size: Will let the machine know how much paper is on the mat.



-         Portrait: Will change the direction of your cut

-         Landscape: Will change the direction of your cut

-         Mix and Match: Allows for multiple features.

-         Quantity: Select the number of cuts you want. (i.e. 10 stars)

-         Fit to Page: Maximizes the size of your image to the page.

-         Fit to Length: Allows set the length of a designated cut.

-         Auto Fill: Fills the page with as many characters as can possibly fit on the page.

-         Multi Cut: When you are using heavier paper or the blade is getting duller, this will cut the image multiple times.

-         Center Point: (Landscape only) Centers and cuts a character on a designated point (this is good for pictures when you want certain parts of the picture cut out)

-         Flip: Creates a mirrored image cut of the character chosen.


 I am a beginning Cricut user, so these tips are now printed out and with my machine for future use! 



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Wow! Thanks for the great tips!

Connie Smith

Can you put all those tips in a file and put it on one of our yahoo groups under "Cricut tips" ?? That would be real handy!! GOod info.. but I always forget where I saw it!


Thank you, Gwen! I am a beginning user too and these tips are awesome!!! I actually have the SCAL software and can now cut things from the PC rather than buying a ton of cartridges... which I also have! LOL I'm in the process of learning how to convert pictures to SVG files with Inkscape too. It's compatible with SCAL, which of course, works with Cricut... the sky is the limit! These tips are the bomb! Hugs, Dorothy

Rose Menassas

Thanks Gwen, those are fantastic tips! I'm a beginner too and wondering a lot of the time why I ever bought this thing when the Big Shot is so much easier!


You need to check out The Pink Stamper! She has videos on all the features and projects where she is using them! It is an awesome site! And very helpful!


Thanks this is very helpful. Jamie

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