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Census info video: nothing stamping in this post

Kay also said that you should have a clipboard when you asnwer the door and  you can ask for their badge write down the ID number and ask for the phone number of the office to verify them

and while they are staingd at your door (never allow them in the house they are a stranger remember?) have the person at the number verify their identity by describing to you what that person looks like (still never allowing them in your home for your safety)  there are so many people out scamming now do yourself a favor and be SAFE!

THE ONLY information you HAVE to give them is how many people live in your home- period!


good luck!




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Yes, we've talked about this with our boys in case they come by when we aren't home. Only tell them how many people are in the home...or don't answer the door. Doesn't matter if they can see you or not...they do NOT have to answer the door. It is too bad we have to be so careful!

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