St Patricks Day Hostess gift & projects

New Class includes Basket & Card

I created these projects specifically for class on Thursday March 25, 2010, 7-9 pm


 Class is $12.00, includes all supplies and adhesive. 

We will create this awesome bunny basket and cute card.

Come join in the fun!   pre registration required 

click this link for registration form Download Bunny Basket & Card class


I am beginning to feel better, thak you for all your emails about the accident.I am praying for God to remove the anger from my heart because she didn't use her blinker and asking him to help me recover and get back to my life.  We did find out the insurance totalled the Durango (huge tears here we loved that vehicle!)  they are giving us diddly squat for it and we cannot add a car payment to our budget so we are stressed about what to do now.  Anyhow- thanks again for your prayers and well wishes, you guys are amazing and I am truly blessed!!


Oh! Here is a shocker to all who know my Katie,  she will turn 18 next week!  GASP!!



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So sorry Gwen! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Hopefully, everything will work out for you!

Kris Keuler

Gwen I feel your pain.
When I lost my 4 Runner in the accident,
she too was totaled out. I cried when I went to see her at the place where the insurance company was holding her to salvage out. She gave her life to save us.
Thats how my family looks at it.

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