I was in a Car accident yesterday

Yesterday I was on my way to our church in Marshfield, Mo to take food and serve at a funeral dinner. I was passing a VW bug and as I went around around it she suddenly turned left and I Tboned her.  Do people truly NOT understand the reason for using a BLINKER? And that the law gives you a certain number of feet to turn in on before you turn?  And that checking your mirrors before turning is required as well?

 IF she had used her blinker,  this would never have happened!!!  I am sore, bruised and hurting.  No broken bones, no ambulances.  I am truly blessed that Heavenly Father watched over me during this accident! And Glad he was watching over the other driver as well.

Today I cancelled Wed class (well last night I did- sorry Karen I forgot to call you but glad you stopped by lol)  to rest, the medications I have been given make me very groggy and tired but I wanted to read a few emails and post this so you know what happened to me-  not the post I wanted to share but

because of this blinker issue,  I want all of you to REALIZE JUST HOW important using the blinker in your car really is!!! And YES! IT CAN happen to you!


The blue is a VW bug and is the car I Tboned, the red durano is me

 Car wreck 1 VW 

The shadow figure is me, taking the photo with my cell phone camera. 

If she had looked in her mirrors and turned on her blinker BEFORE turning this would NEVER have happened!  How is a driver to know you are turning when you dont use your blinkers?

 Car wreck 2 durango 


So anyhow,  I never made it to the funeral dinner, but the food did! (thank you to my friend Debi for helping me and to her hubby Carl for waiting with me till Kay arrived! you guys are awesome friends!)

I have a great TIP for you!  USE the "press and seal" plastic wrap by Glad on your food because...  the huge stainless bowl I had the salad in, I had the press and seal over the top and it bounced all over the place and never lost a drop of salad!  The bottle of dressing ended up in the passenger side dash by the window tho.

All in all, the muscles in my entire body are sore and hurt today with the exception of my feet, my chest hurts a lot becasue of the good grip the seat belt had on me YAY!  thank you God for seat belts because I would either be dead or in worse shape  if I had not been wearing it! I did go to the ER and nothing is broken, but I do have 3 prescriptions for my aches and pains and they make me very sleepy so am leaving you all to go back to bed.

I am truly very sorry this happened. PLEASE tell your family and friends to USE THEIR BLINKERS ALL THE TIME WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO TURN, and prevent anything like this happening to them!

hugs to all



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It's a good thing you were not seriously hurt, those seatbelts probably saved your life. I agree that people should always turn their blinkers all the time when they are turning.



The thing about using the blinker is that it goes along with the mirrors. The driver also needs to look at that to know if another car is coming before he tries to turn.

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At least God protected everyone. Nothing worst happened. Yeah the blinkers. That's why blinkers and mirrors are made for your safety and then they'll just don't use it.


Kris Keuler

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad to hear that you are OK. Looks like your SUV saved your life.
The things are vehicles will do for us. :)
I can second that about the blinkers. Do some people miss that in drivers ed class or are they saving their blinkers for another use? Be a good patient and rest up.
Tender Hugs,


glad to hear you are ok and i do hope the person in the blue car is as well. take care and i hope all your aches and pains go away soon.

MIchelle Stamps

Glad that you are ok. Take Care and get some rest.

Dorene Donaldson

So sorry to hear about this accident, and hope that your soon on the mend. What nice friends you have. Take care.

Rebecca W

Glad you are alright. I'm constantly correcting my family for not using their blinker for this exact reason! Hope you get back to tip top stamping shape real soon.



Oh, yikes! It is so important when driving to always wear your seatbelt, use your signals and check and double-check visually the lanes around you before changing lanes. Cars are powerful machines that need to be treated with safety, care and respect. I am glad that you are okay!

Lifes a beach. Scrapbook it.

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