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Why Have a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator? & a 12x12 page

Have you asked yourself WHY should I have a Stampin' Up! demonstrator?  What's the difference between that and a big box craft store?
As your Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I am here to offer you my personal training and expertise ALL THE TIME!  You can visit my blog 24/7 to see all kinds of projects, tips, and tricks, plus video tutorials to help you use your stamping goodies. You can email me or call me at home for help.  Don't want to search the aisles for an employee that won't be able to answer your question?  Can't sleep at 2 am?  Come on over to my blog...I have convenient information here for you anytime you need it!

I am YOUR VALUABLE RESOURCE for all things Stampin' Up!.  I use and know my Stampin' Up! product inside out and I'm here to help you with what you purchase from me!  My customers know they can call me and/or bring their projects over and receive my personal help so that they understand what they are doing, and so do the people who join my team!

I offer specialized classes for my team members and my customers so that the know how to use what they purchase. Does your box store do that for you?
Finally, I share your PASSION FOR CREATIVITY.  I'm not an employee, "THIS IS MY BUSINESS"...I am here to help you be the crafty person you know you are or want to be! 

Check out my 12x12 Digital scrapbook page I created for the Soul Scrappers Friday Challenge THC1  and I used My Digital Studio to create it.

Here is my quick digital entry- this is my dad and my first born Ray. The moment I read this challenge this photo jumped into my mind. My dad has been gone 14+ year now and my son is named Ray after my dad Raymond Ellis Davison my son is Raymond Lee Gamble and is now 27 yrs old. Dad used to come get Ray after he was potty trained every morning about 9 or 9:30 (before seat belts were even close to being a law) and Ray would stand next to dad in his pickup truck with his arm around Grandad's neck while he drove. They would go to the post office, to visit old friends of dads, to the DQ for a cone, and then home in time for lunch almost daily!
So many good memories of their relationship and when dad died it was on Ray's 13th birthday. I am thrilled with these challenges on Soul Scrappers! They have me scrapbooking!  I will have this professionally printed by SU as a single page and put into Ray's scrapbook. I may never have created this without this challenge!  C'mon over to my blog or studio and let's create together!

We have about 6 inches of snow- check out these photos the top 2 are this morning and the bottom 2 are this afternoon

Ok friends, it's time for me to go. We are off to create some new videos for future posts and for me to try to get well. I have a horrid head cold. bleck-



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seems to be going around up here in ontario as well. hope you are feeling better soon.

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