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Over at Soul Scrappers we are having daily challenges and I entered 2 of them this week.  One was for limited supplies and the other for a digital page about "me"

Here is my traditional limited supply page  of my grandson Jack

our task was to use, ribbon, cardstock, journaling pen and rub ons

altho this is a very quick basic page, when I was going through my pile of Jack photos this one jumped out at me and said I MISS MY GRAMMIE!  (not at all what is going on in the photo but who cares right? lol)  and I just threw this page together in no time and it probably looks that way too lol sorry for that but this 6x6 page will be put on a 12x12 page with lots of other elements and more photos

Now you see why I use stamped sayings, journaling made from the computer etc lol my writing has turned into mush with so much time on the computer! lolol

Now for my digital page- I used My Digital Studio and created a page about me- the time frame for these photos is in about 1999  (do you ever hear that prince song when you say 1999- now I hope I can get it out of my head before class today! lol) remember you can click on the photos for a larger view-

Header ideas-011
 This is my mom and I one day while I was working in my 2 acre Organic Market garden- I dont remember who took it probably one of my sons.  My mom now has alzheimers and this week has been told to use a wheel chair.  I love my mom and it is so hard to see her go through this debilitating disease ( I hope I spelled that right).  We have always been very close, lived close to each other and worked on many many projects together.

Using my digital studio made creating this page so FAST!! WOW! I added photo frames for the 2 photos on the left put in - yes you got it JOURNALING because I have confessed before how much I HATE journaling!  Thanks to Erika and the gals at Soul Scrappers I am making time to journal more. My problem is I have to much to say! lol

Remember that each page you create regardless of the method is a "work of heart" and will be cherished for years to come!

I have 2 classes here today=  my Wednesday stamp group and a Birthday stamp a stack this afternoon- and lunch with Kris in between! woo hoooooooo!!!

On a somber note- My ex Father in law Frank Gamble, passed away this week, Altho he and I didnt always see eye to eye, I have a great respect for his work ethic and the help he gave to me during the years I knew him. May he rest in peace and our families find solace in knowing he no longer suffers.

have a great day everyone and thank you for sharing my life with me!



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Kris Keuler

Gwen, I love the page you did about your life on the farm and gardening with your mom.
You did a great page recording your history.
Thanks for sharing it.


Rhonda D

Love it. And just a note ---- it doesn't matter what your handwriting looks like --that is what makes the memory more special to the one looking at the book. My mom has journals of her mom's that make her cry when she sees her handwriting, because it reminds her of her mom, and it's one of the few things she has of hers. :)

Mary C. Anderson

Gwen, I love the page that you made "Imiss Grammie" It is certainly all about the photo in this layout. The photo tells the story.How cute, he misses his Grammie.

I love your digital page about you. I love how your photos represent some one or womething that ou love. I am very sorry about your Mom. My husband and I went through Alzheimers with his Mom. It was hard so my thoughts are with you.

I'm also sorry to hear about your ex father-in-law.


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