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So Far this morning.....

I have made a pot of homemade chicken soup and its simmering on the stove, yesterday I threw an entire tray of chicken breasts from Sam's Club into the crock pot to cook, for the soup I shredded some of that chicken added veggies, stock base, salt and pepper and now we wait!  I also made a loaf of homemade bread in the bread machine, put the dogs out watered and fed them

and took a few snow shots of our storm  and a couple batches of laundry, read my email, played a game on facebook, replied to Soul Scrappers comments and yes, took a breath in there somewhere!


This is my doggie, his name is TANK. He is border collie, kelpy and mcnab- in other words he is a REAL Cow dog with no cows anymore! lol kinda like me a born ranch gal who no longer has  a ranch. ( I am ok with that just miss my horses!)

He is about 14 yrs old and I have had him since he was about 2 but he is out of our old cow dog Toby the border collie.  I made him a warm bed on the front porch. He is such a funny dog! I just love him. He has one white eye and one brown and no, he isnt blind in the white eye- its a genetic thing - freaks people out!  lololol


 ok friends, now that some of my chores are done, I am headed to my studio until soup time! WIsh you were here to join me for lunch today!

See you later with some new projects!




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Gwen Mangelson

Robyn I also use the cooked chicken in casseroles or shred it for salads or sandwiches, you can take the cooked chicken and put it in a zip loc freezer bag for future use- I LOVE my crock pot, Yesterday I slow cooked a roast all day long and we had roast, gravy and salad for supper and today we will have shredded beef sandwiches. I am planning to slow cook chicken in bbq sauce and a roast in bbq sauce and then freeze it for fast and easy meals! have fun! You can put the meat in frozen or not- depending on how long you want it to cook. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Robyn, Maine, USA

Thanks so much sister and one of my friends are so excited about trying this! Have an excellent day!

Gwen Mangelson

Hi Robyn, I put the raw chicken and 1/2 c water in the crock pot because as the chicken cooks it releases all those awesome juices and it was delish!

Robyn, Maine, USA

When you do the entire tray of chicken what do you add to it? Water? Stock? It is such an awesome idea. Thanks in advance for the help.

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