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Pigments Group Meeting

This weekend I attended a Stampin Up! Group meeting. One of my favorite things to do!This is not the group I belong to (they are back in Idaho and I rarely if ever hear from any of them- sad huh? yes I think so too!). This Stampim Up! group named Pigments, adopted me after we moved here (just short of 4 years ago) thanks to Leslie.   I have been attending meetings with these wonderful gals and always learn something, share something and love getting to know them better, and creating those wonderful Stampin Up demonstrator friendships we come to know and love through this company!   I know of NO other company where the people in it help, encourage, teach, support, send business, etc each other like the demonstrators in Stampin Up!  will.  Most direct sales companies won't share their successes, or their projects or their ideas etc with others in the company for fear of losing business- well NOT in Stampin Up! 

The fearless leader of the pigments group Brenda, allows demonstrators NOT in her group to attend meetings so that we continue to have support, training and friendships.  I do the same with my group meetings.  I don't care if people are in my downline or not, demos locally are welcome at my meetings!   SO anyway-  this weekends meeting was about My Digital Studio- and yours truly was one of the presenters.  This is such an easy program to use, I loved sharing my calendar, my birthday book and the cards I created with everyone, answering questions and showing how easy it really is to use this program and ALL THE FEATURES- WOW! You saw my swap cards I posted yesterday. I made them for this meeting.

Here are a few photos from the meeting:

Show and Tell Table: Items we have created


Do you ever notice the people who are trying to "hide",  WHY do they do that?  My mother for years as I was growing up REFUSED to allow anyone to take her photo and then only rarely - she is now 82 and complains there are no photos of her anywhere-  Duh!

thanks ladies- you all look beautiful and I am blessed to call you friends! Keep making those fantastic make and takes!


Joanie- this was the better of the 2 photos- making me stand on the chair to take the other one just didnt help at all! lolol 

HI LESLIE!!!!  I love you too~~~ you rock and I can't wait to stamp with you today!!

I hope you are all having a great day- I left my show and tell at the meeting so I will be going to Leslie's today to get it and help her prepare for stamp club, and have her help me with a project.  I was supposed to go to my aqua sizing class and meet my friend Kris, but with this cold and all the elderly in that class I think it better not to go until I am well.

Thank you Ladies for allowing me and my downline to attend your meetings! You rock!

Tomorrow I will share the swaps and make and take projects! Be sure to check back!

I am still suffering through this good old fashioned "cold". Feel like my ear drums will be outside my head this morning! ugh!

Have a wonderfully productive day!





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