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Bolivar Crop was fun!

Saturday Kay and I attended as Vendors the Bolivar Crop to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

We had a lot of fun making new friends and I was able to take 2 classes (woo hoo! take them not give them! woo hoo!)  here is a photo of our booth this time because so many of you are emailing me asking questions about setting up a booth for various events

My best advice, take your display and tables and always be FLEXIBLE!  The ping pong table they provided me to use has my displays on it and the white table is our work table for the day, we made a bunch of build a bears for kits! Watch for the kits on our retail blog.


Below are photos of how I sell my retierd SU items at events

I also have my very own die cuts on the rack for sale too- my other rack to the left has retired items, kits and tags I have created for sale.


this little cube display has items for sale

We were in the Bolivar Middle School- (note to self: no matter what people tell you, always take your 6 & 8 ft tables with you! ;o)

Here is my first class project, a cute 2 page layout by Katrina. Those are my hands in teh photo creating my finishing touches- isn't it cute? No, its not Stampin Up, it was provided by the local scrap store but we scrappers love new ideas! Stay tuned this week to see how I use this layout idea and transform it into a SU product layout!


Here is Katrina (R)  and I (L)! This was her first time to teach a class and she did a wonderful job, I gave her a pointer or 2 for her instructions for the future, and she was SO nice and fun! When I get things unpacked I will give you the link to her blog.


Where is class #2 you ask? I didn't get a photo of it yet and I want to create it in SU items later today or tomorrow and show you both of them at the same time! It was a lot of fun also and a very cute little garland!

I spent all day yesterday in bed sick, as you know I have had a serious cold the last 2 weeks and pushed myself to do things, take care of classes, business, and family anyway and it has caught up to me.  I didn't even get out of bed until 2 pm yesterday- that is so NOT me! I am up at 5 or 6 and off and running-  hope this week is better because I have to prepare for the Nov 7 Winter Craft Festival by the RWIB here in Rogersville! I am not only the Coordinator of it I am having a booth too and Christmas projects are on the list for the next 2 weeks!

I love Stampin Up! because it gives me opportunities to meet new people and make new friendships as well as share my creativity.

Hope your day is wonderful and productive and full of Blessings from our wonderful Heavenly Father.




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Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!


Hey Girlie!! You were a great student!!! Glad you liked the layout and can't wait to see what you come up with!

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