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The Infamous Swap Apron!!!

Yes, This is "Mr. Manly Cards", "Mr Video", "Mr. Wonderful", My husband Kay and his ever popular "Infamous Swap Apron", all ready for Regionals today!  We love to attend Stampin Up! functions together. 

The very first one we went to in Reno many years ago he brought his "palm" so that when he got bored he would have something to do, ahahahhahahaha!  I don't remember him even taking it out of his pocket that day! You should have seen Shellie's face when I told her he had brought it for when he was bored!  He was so impressed with the production of the regional, the projects, the professionalism of the company and the amazing employees that I am not sure I have attended one alone since! HA so there zing! ;o)

I am truly Blessed!

Our 6th anniversary was Aug 30th, but we have waited until this weekend to celebrate it. So, let the celebrating begin!!


Looking forward to sharing new goodies with you this coming week!



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Wow this is very cool...well done!!


Super Swappin' Stud!!!!!!


Happy Anniversary! I hope you both have a wonderful day. How long did you take to train him?? Any tips?

Linda Gilliam

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two, I hope you have a wonderful time! Next year I'm going with you...lol!

MIchelle Stamps

great way to show your stuff. hope you had fun.

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