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Laboring on Labor Day

Yes, we worked all day. We made cucumnber relish 3 double batches Totaling 18 pints and 11 quarts of relish- PLUS 5 jars of homeade turkey soup were processed too!  Here are a few photos

Start with the larger cucs- keep your nice med to small ones to eat, wash and cut off the ends


we had to cut them into strips to fit my bosch mixer  attachment to shred them up



this is what it looked like shredded-  now we used the Dill Cucumber Relish Recipe right out of the Ball Canning Book you can buy at Walmart in the canning section for 5.00. Everything you need to know about canning everything is in that book!


Here is what it looked like while it was "curing" for 2 hours-  following the directions I added salt and turmeric stirred it up and let it set for 2 hours.  Then we washed it out and drained it then continued following the directions


I always cover my stuff to keep any flying critters away.  And here is our finished product!

100_8411  after the water bath method

100_8410  before the pressure canner

here is the canning stove- lol I love Kays method we put it on the deck or in the garage depending on the weather and it doesnt heat up the house!  I cannot can on my ceramic flat top stove- neither can anyone else-  you have to have a "burner" where your pot is not resting on anything but the burner for even heat and processing- PLUS you will crack or ruin your flat top if not immediately then eventually and they are just to expensive to replace!


 yup! its the camp stove!  It was fun to work with Kay as we prepared and he processed all these jars yesterday!   Now for homemade veg soup, veg beef soups and chicken soups that we will make in October because Sept is already full!   

I hope you don't mind that I share my projects that are not paper related with you on my blog because after all, they are what I do and they are important!

Have a great day- we are busy creating swap for regionals coming up and I will be sharing those the rest of the week!

Have an awesome productive day!



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I am so impressed with your food preservation! I used to do this -- lots of jams for gifts -- but now I freeze things. It feels good to be prepared!


I LOVE reading about you and your family and their preserving food for winter. I freeze some fruits and vegetables, but I haven't gotten brave enough to start canning! I am looking forward to seeing your soup recipes! Debra

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