Swap Card Fun!!
Kay's Season of Friendship Manly Card Video

We interrupt the "stampin fun" to bring you canning season

Yes, so far I have 39 quarts of tomatos.   I added celery, onion and garlic to some of them also.


Remember a few posts ago the photos about the trays of stuff in the food dryer?

Well here they are- onions and peppers!!  YUMMO!


altho its a lot of work now, and being an ANT and not a GRASSHOPPER, I love putting my home grown food by for the winter! And Another reason I LOVE being a Stampin Up demonstrator becuas what other job would allow me to can tomatos instead of be at work? Between processing times, I was able to do some creating- you can't do that at another job!

check back tomorrow for Kays newest video, the engineer in him is trying to make it "perfect", and I am trying to remind him just dont sweat the small stuff!

Have a great day, I have a hair cut, more canning, visiting Cassadie in the hospital (family friend who goes to school with Kasey and a good friend to Katie)

see you again soon!



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Jesse "The Food Storage" Guy

One of the things my wife does is to buy all the stuff she cans at the farmers market. We get the advantage of fresh garden grown produce. The cost is usually way below what we pay for it in a grocery store and much fresher. This year she has done corn, strawberry jam, green beans, beets, and a couple of others I can't recall. LOL

Pam Staples

Wow... I wouldn't even know where to start with canning! Oh, wait, yes I do - I need a garden. HeeHee!

Awesome work and have a great day!

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