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Tomato Juice, Cucumber Relish & Chicken!

We are still canning- canning- canning-  here are some more photos of our bounty

Stewed Tomatos


Tomato Juice in 4 quart jars- yuppers the HUGE ones!


and Dill Cucumber Relish


and now in 14 pint jars!


yummy this winter!  I love being an Ant and not a Grasshopper!  

Here is our canned chicken-  use the book in your pressure canner and follow the directions!  The house smelled fantastic!!


its fresh out of the pressure canner so yes, those are bubbles! lol it's still boiling.  the last 3 pints are processing now.  This was easier than I ever imagined and cheaper than buying it in tin cans for sure!  I will keep watching prices and keep putting it up!

have an awesome day!



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Yum, I have never tried canned chicken like that.
Looks good.

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