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Home from Utah!

I am excited to be home, my brand new box of Holiday mini pre order items waits for me downstairs as I jot down these thoughts for you this morning.  I am glad to be home, the service was wonderful, I know that one reason Heavenly Father created Death was so that families would put aside their lives and come together for at least a few hours.  The weather was awesome, the friendship, family hugs, wonderful hugs from grandchidren and chat were just what Kay and I needed. I feel rejuvinated!

I want to share this with you because it means so very much to me.  From the moment I came into Kay's life, his first wife's "family" - her 3 brothers, their wives and their children, have treated me with respect, love and welcomed me with open arms.  As I was at the viewing Friday night saying my goodbyes to Dad, it came clear as a bell into my mind that I was a witness of unconditional love not only from dad but from his wife Lorraine, his 3 sons and their wives and their families.

Here are a couple of examples-  Other than being asked to say the family prayer, Kay or I were not asked to do much for the funeral, no problem because we pitched in where we were needed.  Friday night I was handed a 2 page list of "Dad's posterity"  and forgive me as I tear up when I type;  on this list that was catagorized by birthdate I saw my name.  Immediately I rushed to Kay to ask him who did it- because I was terrified that Kay and Carolyns children would think that either their dad or I were involved (long story won't go there)  and we had no clue-  It was Pat- one of the brothers wives who had added me and as I was in tears of love and appreciation for being "included" in their family, I went to her to verify and she said  "yes, I composed that list, Oh Gwen- Dad loved you so much, dont worry about what the others may say or think." and followed it with a loving hug. 

 I AM truly blessed.  NOT ONCE did Kay request that I be inlcluded in any part of the ceremony, photos or anything else. They chose to include me because they know what unconditional love truly is and for that I am eternally grateful!  I feel a loving peace that I cannot describe. ;o)

We were also blessed to attend the Dedication ceremony for the Oquirrh Mountain Utah temple on Sunday morning. The Spirit of Christ and the Holy Ghost were so strong it brought tears to my eyes and unsurmountable joy and peace to my heart.

So now that I have slept in a bit from the late nights, travel and emotional stress of the last 5 days, I am off to create with my new goodies!  Thank you my online friends for sharing in my life, you are truly wonderful and I appreciate each of you. And thank you to the Schlappi Family for your unconditional love and acceptance!

See you later with some projects!



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I'm glad that you all made it home safe. Thank you so much for stopping by to chat it means so much to Bob and me.

Robyn, Maine, USA

Gwen & Kay-
What an amazing world it would be if every being would be able to have that love for everyother being! God Bless you and your family.


Oh, sweetie...what an amazing display of love for you! I teared up just reading your emotion! HUGS to you! :)

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