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Canning Season has Begun!!!

Well, You have all seen photos of our gardens, and here are some photos of pickle making day yesterday

remember to click the photo to see it full size. I love preserving my own home grown foods and foods bought at auctions, farmers markets or family farms! 

Saturday was DILL PICKLE DAY! 7 pints of dill and 3 quarts of kosher- altho to some this may not be much, its wonderful for me because I know the produce is FRESH and I know how it was grown and who grew it!

000_0016 I used my cuisinart to slice up the "pickling cucs"  DO NOT use regular cucumbers to make pickles they will not work!

000_0019 I used this packet this time for the seasoning

000_0018 Waiting for the "brine" to boil 

000_0020   used white vinegar and added my own home grown dill fresh from the garden!

000_0017 while waiting on the brine to boil I loaded the jars with my cuc slices using this canning funnel and put them into pint jars

000_0021  this is what the jars look like waiting for the brine

000_0022  pouring in the hot brine

000_0023  added hot lids and rings we are now ready for the canning

NEXT batch: these are the QUART jars-  there were only 3 of these and one jar is whole strips and the other 2 are chunks and I used a KOSHER DILL packet for these  000_0024   YUMMO!   Stay tuned for more canning and preserving from our garden, I have spent my entire life (47 years) canning fruits and vegetables,herbs, soups and jams and jellies so feel free to email me your questions!



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I didn't know there was such a thing as a canning funnel! I can see lots of uses for something like that. Think I need to find one for me and one for my mom and one for my sister.

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