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Country Living Summer Special~

Our Saturday Project! A Bean Trellis System in the garden! YAY!

Bean trellis 6-13-09 

Isn't my husband Kay WONDERFUL! It's a bean trellis system!!  Now our climbing beans can grow up it!!! and I have marigolds planted at the bottom of the beans to help keep the bugs away!  Made of 1 inch PVC pipe, fitting and fence wire that was used for the cucumbers to climb!  they are 5 ft wide and 5 ft tall and are on 2 ft cut rebar pushed down in the ground.  the rows are spaced 3 ft apart.

I will put sheets of landscape fabric on the dirt to way lay the weeds.

Later tonight I will be adding current garden photos to the photo album!

have a great weekend! We are having FANTASTIC weather!



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