Tribute to Staff Sargent Raymond Ellis Davison WW2 in the Phillipines
Here is what we are doing today

Birthday card for a 2 yr old

My hubby and I just love using the pop up birthday cake die! Maybe he does more than me because it is the only thing he wants to use to make cards with lately!

Here is the card we made for our grandson Gaige its late we know but.....  It  helps prolong the partying!



I have been so busy this week- Katie and her boyfriend Cody and I left at midnight last nigh to drive to Kansas City Missouri Airport  she had to be there about 4 to catch a flight to spend the summer in Washington state with her dad-  the last one I have to deal with HOORAY lol -  then Cody and I drove home 4 hours-  got home after 10 read email, had a shower and then jumped into bed for sleep= NOT!  Kasey called he needed to be picked up at the high school from his Carnegie Hall trip- so I didnt get to bed till 2 pm  and have only had about 3 hours sleep-  so calling it a day . Tomorrow I take Kay to Springfield Airport to fly to New Orleans to drive my mom's uhaul up here on friday so on Saturday we can unload the truck into their new place about 3 miles from me.  My mom has alzheimers, and since I am a stay at home mom/wife, I feel I have the time to devote to her and my step dad.  Please add my family to your prayers, Katie is on her way to Portland airport as I type tonight and with all the business of the week, we can sure use it! So please forgive me for not posting this week,I will see you with new projects next week, and that stencil video I promised!



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