Hello from The Skrappin Barn!
We are on the front page of the local newspaper!!

Are YOU prepared ?

first check out this AWESOME you tube video by Hillary Weeks  its awesome! lol


In our church we teach preparedness and today I thought it was a great time to share links to information about this very topic, feel free to share with friends and family!

Pandemic Preparedness Planning



Food Storage    to be used for job loss, income loss, pandemics when you are confined to home and cant get to the store, weather conditions that prevent going out are just to name a few reasons a family should have food storage-  minus the pandemic, I have been through all the other things and without food storage we would have starved - no lie.  It is the biggest blessing next to good health that anyone can have!

Family Emergency Planning

Growing a Garden   (be sure to send me photos of your garden this year and I will post them here on the blog!)  We are putting our garden in and growing extra food to can and put in the pantry for the winter as it is not only healthier than buying from the store, it is going to help us with our food budget crunch.

Everday foodstorage blog  AWESOME! check it out!




Safety and health checklist for organizations engaged in disaster response.


I hope you will click and read the info I have shared.  This is no time to procrastinate, I am not screaming the sky is falling but I want all of you to be prepared for whatever life throws at you!!

have a fantastic day, I have a ton of errands to accomplish and my momma is coming on Friday for a week to visit! I am so excited! I miss her so much!

hugs to all




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