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My weight loss journey isnt going anywhere due to the current instability of my hormones. (or lack of them actually)  My new dr appointment isn't until April 21- ARGH!  I am in misery and I have to continue to wait for help, I cannot tell you how frustrating all of this is!  But for now, I wanted to share with you this info I received Via an email subscription I have=

GREAT info!!  I would love to hear about your weight loss and or hormone stories, no I wont post them here just read them and comizerate with you!  Check back tomorrow for cards using the new Fifth Avenue stamp set!


Activity and You
By Dotti 
Getting some kind of activity in your life is probably one of the most important things you can do for your health and well-being. In fact, a lot of experts are recommending you focus on getting more activity in your life before you make any dietary changes. Why? Moving more will give you a jump-start by revving up your metabolism, helping your body to be more responsive to losing body fat. You will see results when you become more active.

Let’s talk about some strategies to help you stay on your course of activity. Why not see if you can come up with a few of your own too.
Get an activity buddy to help keep you accountable
Set goals and give yourself rewards to help keep you motivated
Always look for new ways to get more activity into your life
Hire a personal trainer
Try something different from what you are doing; mix it up
Get your activity where others are active
Keep a log of your activity; review it often
Put your activity time in your appointment book; make it a priority
Why is it that activity is the last thing we seem to fit into our busy schedule? I’ll bet if you planned a fun activity like maybe bowling, water skiing or swimming at the lake you’d fit it into your schedule. So, why not start out by planning some activity that is fun, playful. As you become more active you will be able to start focusing on the frequency of your activity, along with increasing the time and intensity.

One of the most important things to remember when planning your activity is to pick activities that you will enjoy and be able to do over the long run; not just to lose the weight you want to lose. Physical activity not only helps you lose the weight but it also helps you to keep the weight off for good.

Hands down, walking is the most convenient activity for most people. I personally like walking because it is something I can do anywhere, any time. I can also fit walking into any time frame. If I only have 15 minutes out of my day to get some activity in then a walk will work. You don’t have to do all your walking at the same time. You can string together a couple of walks during the day, maybe during your two fifteen minute breaks at work. Walking is relaxing too!

Walking is aerobic and works the large muscle groups, so it’s great for burning calories. You can burn anywhere from 100 to 200 calories during a moderately-paced walk. Do you know how many calories you’d burn in a year if you did this every day? 36,500 calories or 10 lbs! Amazing, huh?

The experts say that you are better off walking a longer distance for 25 minutes at a slower pace than trying to jog, getting tired, and quitting after only 10 minutes. Did you know that you burn almost the same number of calories walking a mile as running it? It just takes longer to walk it. (You get about 90% of the same benefit from walking as you do from jogging, with a lot smaller risk of injury!)

The same goes for your other activities also. When you work harder or faster for a given activity it will increase the calories spent, but not as much as lengthening the time spent on your activity.

Here are a few ways to get some extra activity into your life without even realizing it. You can add to the benefits by putting some extra movement into them like swaying your arms as you walk the dog or doing a little dance around the car as you wash it.
Vacuum briskly – 5 minutes
Take the stairs instead of the elevator – 3 minutes
Walk the dog – 10 minutes
Walk to lunch instead of getting it delivered – 7 minutes
Wash your car instead of going through a car wash – 15 minutes
Make extra trips carrying in groceries – 5 minutes
Rake leaves – 15 minutes
Total Time – 60 minutes

Look how fast those minutes of activity added up! WOW! You may be sitting there thinking you are getting no activity but in reality you are!

If you are one of those people who have problems regularly setting aside time for activity why not try adding short segments of activity (short walks or the examples above)? The goal is to try and get in a total of 30 minutes, but you can accumulate that amount over the course of the day. The separate bits of time spent do not have to happen back to back in order to reap the benefits.

A total of 20 minutes of activity a day is recommended but for weight loss results, 30 minutes is best. Of course, doing a longer stint of activity daily (40, 50 or 60 minutes a day) will burn even more body fat. Your heart will also reap more benefits from the added activity. Please remember that, if you’ve been inactive for some time, be sure to start with shorter activities and increase the time gradually.

I have started adding a regular exercise program back into my life recently and I can tell you I’m reaping the benefits. I have decided to make my elliptical trainer time fun. I watch an episode of Sopranos (HBO) every time I get on the elliptical. I don’t get off until the episode is over (usually 47-55 minutes). It’s a long workout but goes by quickly because I’m enjoying my show. I’ve also added in a 2-mile walk at lunchtime with Al, which gives us time to hold hands, talk, get out in the fresh air and just be together with no interruptions. Priceless. I’m losing weight again and feeling much better physically and mentally.

It doesn’t matter how you get your activity into your life. I’ve used walking as an example of one of the easiest ways, in my opinion, to accomplish this. Joining a gym, bowling league, or hiking club are a few other ways. Make sure if you can’t schedule your activity into your life, then do the short stints of activity during the day. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something you enjoy and will be able to continue throughout your lifelong Journey.

Let’s all plan to move more in the upcoming months as spring approaches bringing the warm weather, beautiful flowers and birds singing.

Calories Burned Per Hour, approximate

Please remember that these numbers are an approximation but they will give you an idea of how many calories you can burn by being active.

Sedentary Activities

125-lb person

175-lb person
Lying down or sleeping 38 53
Sitting: reading or watching TV 68 95
Sitting: card playing or typing 76 106

Moderate Activities

125-lb person

175-lb person
Aerobic dancing (low impact) 330 462
Bicycling (5 mph) 145 203
Bicycling (stationary, moderate) 420 588
Dancing (disco, ballroom, square) 330 462
Golf (carrying clubs) 330 462
Hiking (cross country) 360 504
In-Line or ice skating (general) 420 588
Stair step machine (general) 360 504
Swimming (general) 360 504
Tennis (general) 420 588
Walking (slow pace, 2 mph) 240 336
Walking (brisk pace, 4.5 mph) 300 420
Weight Lifting (general) 180 252

Vigorous Activities

125-lb person

175-lb person
Aerobic dancing (step, high impact) 600 840
Bicycling (stationary, vigorous) 630 882
Bicycling (15 mph) 600 840
Circuit weight training 480 672
Cross-country skiing 480 672
Jumping rope 600 840
Martial arts (karate, kickboxing) 600 840
Rowing (stationery, vigorous) 510 714
Running (8 min/mile) 750 1050
Running (12 min/mile) 480 672
Swimming (laps, vigorous) 600 840

      —The Weight Loss Bible, Publications International LTD 


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What are some good tips for summer weight loss?

fitness trainers

Let me give you few more tips...-Drink more water,Increase your protein intake,Eat breakfast everyday,Exercise,Do not skip meals etc...


I'm so proud that you have added a regular exercise routine back in your life...this is good on SOOO many levels! :) How I wish I could join you! I not only need the benefit of weight loss, but also rejuvenating my body as a whole, as well as my mind! Over the past 5 yrs, since my accident, my knee has disabled me from doing any type of exercise...sometimes just walking is debilitating. I have always been involved with athletics and in very good physical shape. I think this is what makes my condition so hard to accept. Drs have said I will never have the use of my knee or leg that I once did...even with surgery. Add this hormone thing, and of course the weight is going to sit there! So you stick to your guns and give it everything you've got...for the both of us! I will be cheering you on all the way! :)


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