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March 30, 2009


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appetite suppressant

What are some good tips for summer weight loss?

fitness trainers

Let me give you few more tips...-Drink more water,Increase your protein intake,Eat breakfast everyday,Exercise,Do not skip meals etc...


I'm so proud that you have added a regular exercise routine back in your life...this is good on SOOO many levels! :) How I wish I could join you! I not only need the benefit of weight loss, but also rejuvenating my body as a whole, as well as my mind! Over the past 5 yrs, since my accident, my knee has disabled me from doing any type of exercise...sometimes just walking is debilitating. I have always been involved with athletics and in very good physical shape. I think this is what makes my condition so hard to accept. Drs have said I will never have the use of my knee or leg that I once did...even with surgery. Add this hormone thing, and of course the weight is going to sit there! So you stick to your guns and give it everything you've got...for the both of us! I will be cheering you on all the way! :)


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