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Good morning !!!

Kit info alert:   As requested I have posted the tutorial only for the Basket kit.for sale on my retail blog-   Several have asked me for that option , so here you go!

I ran out of ink for my printer so am off town to have my cartridges refilled so I can finish printing the tutorials and get the kits mailed today. ARGH!  I hate unforseen things!!  I want you to know I have 3-4 of each color of inks but I am down to the end of them and its time for refills- argh was hoping to skim through but didn't make it. sorry!

Its a gray and somewhat drab day here and its totally fabulous- we have stormy weather (insert the song stormy weather) on the way and I have a lunch date with my visiting teacher from church at the local Bakery- Specialty Sweets-  DELISH!

Have a wonderful day and I will be back tonight with a project to share!

HEY! Kay is working on his first video tutorial-  we hope to have it all together (roflol) sometime next week and get it posted!! The pain is that when we do get the video done, I have to go to the local library to use their DSL because we aren't offered that option here-boo hooo! And Wireles is 80 a month and dish network is 80.00 a month and we just dont have the budget for that while the teens are still at home!

have a great day! make it productive!!



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