New Fold Out Book!
2009 SAB EXTRA Specials!!!

My NEW designer paper rack!!!!

Today we are off to the KGBX Women's expo in Springfield to hand out vendor forms to the booths there for our local Women in Busines show in April (more on that another day)

Here is a photo of my brand new (used) Cardstock and Designer paper rack I purchased from someone who had closed their store.

I just need one more and all my cardstock will be out so I can see it! lolol

Paper holder 

Now for the photo I hate to share, but I want you to know that I am not organized like many think lol . I am a messy creative person and I need a clone just to clean up after me!

Messy table 

can I have a clone to cook and clean and drive teenagers around too?  If wishes were fishes.........

Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow!


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i was just wondering what type of paper cutter you have sitting on the table...on the bottom right hand corner of the photo?

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