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Card from Freida! Freida you ROCK!

Western Wedding Invitation

  Ok Patty- here you go!

I made 50 of these for a very dear friend of mine.  I have cropped the photos to protect their privacy but I think you get the idea anyhow-

These are my favorite stamp sets- cowboy everything is always my favorite- after all I was raised on a ranch, riding horses from infancy to 5 years ago when  I remarried and we no longer have any-  cattle, pigs, chickens, goats etc----  you name it!  Was a good life and the hard work didnt kill me but I have to say that I truly love my new life so much more!  I am sure my hubby Kay plays the biggest part in that statement! He is wonderful and helped me to make these- Katie did the stamping! Isnt she good?  And I designed it, and Kay printed the vellums nad did the cardstock cutting, I assembled - we used copper brads and I stamped my angel stamp on the back in copper ink.  My friend Jill is providing her own envelopes.

 I have the insert cards to stamp and we are all done! I won't be sharing those- to much personal info on them sorry!

let me know what you think---- oh , we sponged the edges of the creamy caramel with close to cocoa ink to make it look older and like it was burned but not really burned on the edges.  you cant see it here but it looks way cool as my daughter said! lol

Wedding 1 

This is the top  it says: WANTED  and on the vellum it says-  Your Presence at a reception in honor of the wedding of.......

 and this is what it looks like under the vellum  ( I used heavier vellum becuae I didnt have time to get in the paper weight, she waited till the last minute to get me all the info so I couldnt wait for an order to come)

Wedding 2 

this would make great birthday invitations, anniversary etc...

thanks for checking in!  I am at a crop in Branson Friday & Saturday having a wonderful time with Sue & Karen and the gals!  I will report when I am finally home!



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Oh what a big heart you have! These invitations are FABULOUS! HOW ORIGINAL! I LOVE the design...the way you stamped the cowboy under the vellum...THIS ROCKS! I know your friend will cherish these forever, but even more so, she will cherish the friend who made them for her! Congrats to BOTH happy couples here! Having a husband that enjoys and supports your craft, is one in a million! How blessed you are! :)

Big hugs~

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