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Freida! These boots are for you!

  I received the cutest comment from Freida about the snow- wearing boots etc so I thought I would show off my foot attire for snowy weather - (you can see her comment on the previous post)

So Freida, do you think I have it under control?


roflol-  what most of you may now know is that the boots on the left are my winter riding for cattle in the snow and cold boots  and the ones on the right are the light weight sketcher boots that are adorable but not quite as warm as the left pair but much cuter and lighter to wear! lol

Here are a couple photos from the west and east sides of the house today-I totally forgot to take one from the front lol- HEY! I nearly forgot to tell you!!  I bought MYSELF a round disc sled and went sledding out the back of the house down the hill!  after trip #4 I was pooped and came in! lol

Snow house from the west

Snow days welcome  More snow, More snow!

Snow and house from the east


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Gorgeous photos! I love the Winter with all it's magical beauty of tiny individual snowflakes that fall! I remember when I was little & would hold a black piece of construction paper out to look at snowflakes.
Absolutely LOVE the boots!
Ann :)


YOU ARE TOO MUCH, GF!!!! But yes, I LOVE them! :) Hey, if I was up there and had that much snow, my toes would not thaw out til spring! My feet STAY cold! I'd fight cha over those boots!

I wish we could get some good snow! There are so many children in my neighborhood that have never made snow angels! One of the churches here had someone to use their snow machine and fill the whole playground with snow. Those kids in daycare were in heaven! Enjoy!


Ack! It works today...yay! The snow is SO pretty but I'm glad it is yours! :o)

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