Western Wedding Invitation
Super Bowl Sunday Special!

Card from Freida! Freida you ROCK!

I love mail! Especially hand made cards and things!!

Freida sent me this adorable card I just had to share it with all of you!

I am sorry for the shadow-  ARGH! I really have to take some photography classes this year or better yet find out who changed the settings on my camera and ground then for life!


100_7217  on the left is a totally cute pocket !

the words on the left say:  Gwen: intuitive, inspiring, caring, talented, friend, funny, awesome, amazing, giving, bff   sniff sniff isnt this wonderful? oh Frieda, thank you for making my day! I am truly blessed to have you for a friend!

100_7220   this is the back- yes, she even decorated the back-  I feel ashamed I rarely decorate the inside! lol

Thank you Freida you are awesome and I am truly blessed!  Laughing -cat-hands1



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OH GWEN!!!If I had known you were going to show this to the world, I would have done a better job...at least would have put some bling on it! I just had to do a quicky this time. It was fun making a word cloud though...totally addicted to that site!

YOU are truly an amazing friend! I enjoy and have learned so much from your inspiring blog. You share not only your endless talent, but also pieces of your enormous heart. All your fund raising efforts and volunteer work speaks volumes of the love you have for others. When you share your faith, you project your own foundation of your high morals and standards which reinforces mine. Yes, YOU are truly an amazing woman and I am SO BLESSED to call you FRIEND! :)

Love ya Gal~

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