Thoughts on 2008- article excerpt
January White Sale!

Check out these light displays! WOW~

Hubby and I belong to an online group called Planet Christmas where it's all about the lights on this group- lol.  Hubby Kay is a programmer, has an electrical degree and is an engineer-  so his dream is to have an awesome light display (he used to In Boise where his house was on the light route but this house doesnt have enough outside plug in's... yet lol)  and tonight while we are home alone we are checking out you tube posts of light displays shared on our PC newsletter that came today-  boring? oh heavens no! Our only gripe is dial up- need I say more?  Here are a couple of videos you will WANT to watch! wowow!

Wizards in Winter Shadrack Knoxville Overall Perspective  This one is my favorite! WOW

Happy New year! Be safe!


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