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November 24, 2008


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It was fast for me too !!!! Today was the first time I could visit your site without having any delays :-). Worked great.


Whatever you did to the blog today had astounding results! It loaded as quickly on my laptop as it does on my regular PC. I think the load time has something to do with the amount of memory in the computer. Once DH added more memory to my PC your blog loaded quickly. My laptop doesn't have the same amount of memory (has less) and it takes much longer, usually, for your blog to load on it. I use DSL on both so really think it is more to do with the amount of memory in the computer than the connection.
Just my $.02 worth...


Your Christmas card is precious! The embossed snowflakes really adds pizazz! Working together on a project like this really adds extra meaning.

I LOVE SCHOOL PLAYS! It is amazing what these kids can do! The set does look so real....AWESOME JOB! The unexpected jump at the end was an awesome move! KUDOS to all involved!


Oh, and my daughter is a Katy too ... just spelled different.


Very fun! My daughter did Into The Woods last year. It's a fun play. They are currently in rehearsal for How The Grinch Stole Christmas and opening night is Dec.5. Last week she got cast in Pirates of Penzance for February's show. I love high school theatre :-)

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