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First of all let me say this-  I am NOT impressed with the Springfield, Missouri City fathers and planners and their lack of regard for the numerous Supporters of McCain/Palin. Their planning was poor, their lack of regard for weather, the elderly, children and the rest of us astounds me! Now, with that out of my way..... on to the good stuff!

My kids and I stood in line 4 hours along with WAY OVER 15,000+ people (I have never seen anything like it in my life) to attend the Sarah Palin Rally in Springfield, Missouri today and it was TOTALLY AWESOME!  Naomi Judd spoke about knowing Sarah from a long time ago when She and Wynona had been in Alaska and performed for the troops and how much she admires and likes Sarah and what a great family they have and about Sarah's personality etc... and then she introduced Sarah. The atmosphere was totally electric and the crowd went WILD!!!  

For the record:  I am AGAINST socialism and liberalism and it is refreshing to hear politicians talk about what they will do for the people not for themselves. Sarah is a middle class hard working mom just like we are, and understands more than the liberal media gives her credit for. I know that they pick on her because they can't find anything bad to report so they have to make it up or taint it! Fair and real journalism?  Nope! want to see my Hockey Moms for Palin button I bought?

The clothes and the shoes?  Are not her property, they are the property of the Republican Party and will be auctioned off and the money will be given to charities- so where is the publicity about that?  If we talked about the liberals like they are talking about Sarah,  we would be the bad guys, but they are allowed to spew lies and distort the truth in the media and people let it happen! That makes my blood boil!

And charging travel to the state? Its allowed for all governors but does the media report that?  The media needs to look into more of the politicians budgets then because they all have a family travel allowance! But Sarah uses commercial planes not the "politician planes" as all the others use. She is putting revenue back into the economy by choosing to fly commercially after selling the governors personal plane to help her state- what are the rest doing to help the economy, are they still flying around in expensive planes that we the taxpayers pay for or are they using commercial planes putting revenue back into the economy? And before you get started on Sarah's supposid spending, you better check out Nancy Pelosi and her spendthrift ways first!

oh .... Do you REALLY think Obama paid for his trip to Hawaii out of his own pocket this trip? Gimme a break, it came out of his campaign funds. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

100_6105  Momma Judd as she called herself on the left and Sarah's daughter on the right.  We were so far back that it was hard to get this photo over the top of the crowd and the next photo stinks but I am sharing MY view of Sarah from the crowd (see this is part of the poor planning I was talking about.100_6103  We hardly saw her as she spoke because of that black thing (something to do with photography) was in the way! Anyhow- it was still wonderful and I am glad we went!  for the full speech from today's rally.

I realize some of you will be mad at me for posting this today- for that I do not apologize-  My constitutional rights allow me freedom of speech just as they do you and, after all, this is my blog and you could have chosen to skip it after seeing what was in it instead of getting this far.  It was your "choice" to read it so please do not flame me for I am not flaming you only sharing my thoughts, my excitement and my concerns for the future of my family.

Here is a SNOPES report  maybe everyone should read it.

I hope your weekend is wonderful!  Here is one more newspaper article that I know will be small print but you can enlarge it just save as to your desktop and use your photo editing to enlarge it to read it.