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the summer canning has begun!

Kasey and I picked 1 full bushel of green beans this week and the results? 12 jars of pressure canned beans for the winter! Yippee! When the last 5 jars are out of the canner this morning, I will photo and share.......And this was just the beginning..   I get so very excited about this can you tell!! ?? lol  Today we are weeding- yesterday it rained most of the day but the weeds should pull well today, it is overcast so it could rain some more so we best get to gettin..

Placing my SU pre order today and earning a level 3 scrappin kit to boot!

I am also ordering my gramma bonnies pie plates through longaberger today so that I don't miss out on the "special price"!  I love the quality of the pottery and use it everyday and I always have lovely comments from friends -  ( I think the pottery just makes the food look better, a gal needs all the help she can get! lol)


OH! and HSN had the new cropadile big bite on special a couple days ago and I ordered it too!  I HAVE To stop watching TV! lol  I did not order any of the other temptations tho......... phew........


Have a great day will be back this evening with photos of my stamp room redo.  Kay as been away on business to Austin Tx all week so Saturday is shelving day.  Hope your day is fantastic! Kasey and I are doing great!


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Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings

Don't you just love canning season? I do! Gives me a sense of accomplishment seeing all those filled jars lined up. Love the ping too. Music to my ears!

I also want to invite you to participate in the first edition of the The Carnival of Home Preserving that will be posted at Laura Williams' Musings on Monday July 14th.


It is a Carnival to Share Recipes and How-To's for Canning, Freezing, Dehydrating (drying), and Root Cellaring of Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs.

Deadline to Submit: every Sunday at 2pm EST

Carnival is to be posted by that Monday on the respective Host's blog.

Link To Submit Post: Blog Carnival Submission

Everyone is welcome to join in.


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