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HELP! who makes these?

2 years ago at a local scrapbook store I purchased some SAGE green fabric storage boxes with NO lids they were sold in conjunction with a wooden shelving unit-   I would like to know WHO makes them so I can find an online source and get some more!!  these are NOT the Target boxes- similar but not as tall and longer in size-  If  I remember right they came in the sage, a natural and a brown color and were only sold in scrapbooking stores with the shelf units-  they come 2 to a package- if you know WHO the manufacturer is, PLEASE post to this and let me know!  thanks ! g





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Gwen - check out ClosetMaid:

they may have one... also check out IKEA - Vacker series has some fabric drawers

They may not be exactly like what you have but perhaps you'll find something that will coordinate.


Honestly, I've never seen these particular boxes in our scrapbooking store, but I saw something at the website below that I think is ADORABLE! I thought I'd share it with you. :) Good luck finding them.




Can you contact the store where you purchased them? I'd talk directly to the manager & see if they would know who the manufacturer is. Then you could search for them on the web or they might be able to give you some information at the store.
Hope you can find them!
Ann :)

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