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Weight loss journey update

Hi Everyone!  I have some fun news to share with you about my TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) journey.  I have been having a horrible time getting any weight to come off, but the last month I have lost 10 lbs!!!!!  I received a FREE treadmill from one of the members daughters, and I have "tried" to faithfully walk 1+ miles on it per day.  I have been very careful what I eat and how much of it I am eating and it is paying off.  The pounds NEVER go away fast enough, but I know that with the support of our TOPS group, and the accountability I have each week at the meeting, not to mention the GREAT support my TOPS friends give me and our other members, I am encouraged to continue and work on another loss of 10! ( I have 20 total left to lose to meet my doctors weight loss goal set for me)  I am spending many many hours a day outside trying to get the garden in shape, and I have GREAT news! A friend of Katie's will be helping us move the 8 yards of compost,  8 yards of dirt, and 8 yards of bark after school each day this week! HOORAY for Dillon! He's my new hero (NO, he is NOT her boyfriend, just a great friend). 


On another note, my bruise is healing well, thank you for all your prayers and ideas. and the BEST NEWS???   I found a dress for my son's wedding and shoes to match! We had to drive clear to Kansas City Missouri (3 hours one way) to find this dress at David's bridal! Yes, we have a Davids here but they sure didnt have a dress like this! I am excited now! I was "totally stressed" about looking nice as the mother of the groom. Katie found an adorable & wonderful dress as well but at the mall in Oak Park, Kansas at the Macys store- why can't our Macys have those cute dresses? lol  anyhow-  I just thought I would update you on my life and let you know that I will be out shoveling and wheelbarrowing compost and dirt most of the days this week (my arms are firming up nicely tho!lol).  We had rain this morning so I won't have to water most of the day (phew) but it's also to wet to putter so.... I am going to take my new purchase from Archivers= yes I was at Archivers again this weekend! (WOW! 2 times in one month!) And I am going to get my stamp room tidy so that when I am home from the wedding trip I have a clean table and "organized mess" to created from! When we leave Portland we will go to SLC for 2 days to see family and a few stores we like (Deseret book, the knee shorts store, Gardner Village, Roberts Craft store....) lol,   I hope you have a wonderfully delightful week!


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know the feeling....daughter getting married next year and i feel panic over what to where colour and style wise.........
congrats on the wedding........
have a safe trip and a wonderful time.
maybe download a photo of you and your dress from the wedding....an i am sure there will be one of the happy couple........
best of luck to them.

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