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Ok, I admit it...........

My name is Gwen and I am addicted to scrapbooking supplies. Check out what I bought at Archivers in St Louis last week...




I had a lot of fun last weekend going to Archivers and then on to the TOPS SRD.  I was inspired to work even harder at my weight loss. I am drinking 74 ounces of water each day HOORAY! that is a HUGE accomplishment for me because I would rather drink diet pepsi all day long! And I now have a tread mill that I was given for free- yes FREE! Thanks to one of the group members daughters and I am walking 1-2 miles per day for over a week now! HIP HIP HOORAY!  Last week I lost 2.25 lbs so I pray I lose about that this week to so I can stay consistent. It's been really hard losing because of my health stuff the last 2 years and I am praying that has evened out enough that I can start losing the 30 lbs required by the doctor. Anyhow-  how have your healthy eating changes helped you? I would love to know. See you here next post!




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Sara in WI

I've been gluten-free since Sept. It has really helped the fibromyalgia pain. I can't say that it has helped me to lose weight because, although I should, i just haven't felt up to the exercise program that would boost my metabolism back to normal. With the Farmer's Market and fresh, healthy food just a few blocks away on Saturdays now, I'm hoping to eat better. We CAN do this. How many calories does it take to stamp a card?

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