Voila'~ Ze Chef Is back on file!
Happy Easter!


My email friend Susan Hunter lives in American Fork Utah and you HAVE to see her blog. She makes beautiful decorated cakes!

Spring is springing I have spent most of Thursday and Friday outside working and we are working out there as a family (minus miss sick pants who is getting better) again today. So much to do before the rain starts again on Monday- ARGH!  We are wet enough for now!!!!

Have a wonderful Easter, see you Monday!

hey, do you like Josh Groban? then check this out!


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Susan Hunter

Oh Sweet Friend Thank You!!!!! I never expected to have my blog advetised here. What a wonderful surpirse! I can't wait to tell my DD, B-Jo. This has been a weekend of sweet surpirses. We did a cake for a long time client whose family and extended family refuse to eat any other cakes than ours, and she refused to pay the price I quoted saying it was way too little and paid me so much more than I could believe.
She said she saw what other home bakers were charging in the area and felt she has been taking unfair advantage of me. And then she ordered another cake for Conference weekend! Two extraordinary friends loving me in the course of 2 days, I am blessed.
And the Josh Groban video brought such a mix of emotions, tears of joy, pain, guilt, forgiveness and repentance. I am off to Wyoming tomorrow to my aging parents...to visit, to love, to hold dear, to help, to try to understandand and be patient with and to appreciate.
And I'll pray for your rains to come back this way to give you a break and give us misture other than snow. I pray you stay far from the other Missouri floodings.
Love, Susan

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