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Elder Boxes

I was checking through my computer files when I came across this adorable box that is on a CD by Debbie Harman. I printed out 3 of them and this is what I made!  Considering the missionary dress code, all I had to fuss with was the tie!  The center box is the Mission leader who is going out on an appointment with the 2 missionaries.  I added some gourmet cocoa in the box so they can warm up when they get back to their apartment after the meeting. When you turn the box side ways you can see the markings for the cuff on the sleeves too.

These are so stinkin cute I just had to share!

Wouldn't these be awesome for a dinner or one of their training luncheons or even as a thank you? Elders_gifts

I thought I would be clever and cut out some designer paper for the ties but after making the lt blue one, I decided I would use our watercolor crayons and just color the ties in and I really like it better.  I love making 3-d items! Especially fun, functional and easy ones like these!

(Please do not ask me for the template, I don't have one and I cannot email the file it would be against the copyright of the cd.) you may purchase cds by Debbie G Harman at Now to find other fun projects to work on!


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