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Snow update 2 hrs later

I aM SHOCKED and thrilled ! It REALLY is snowing!  yippeee!  I have to add that I  have never in my life seen such tiny snowflakes as they have in Missouri but I love the snow so this is wonderful.  We don't have a 1/4 inch yet, but the fun thing is that it REALLY is sticking this time!

I just wanted to share! 

THe chicken soup is simmering on the stove, the bread is now in 2 pans raising and we have a huge pan of cinnamon rolls rising as well (thanks gramma for your awesome bread recipe!)  I am off to get a shower, you never know around here the elec could go out at any time- argh! lol  Hugs! g


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Barb S

Welll.......I hope you are happy... How much did you finally get? We got 7.5. The streets are mostly dry so it will be pretty around here for awhile!! Enjoy the snow and that soup sounds good!!


LOL! You've just been lucky the time you have been there. One of these days you will get snow with really big wet flakes. Or at least we did every couple of years in Kansas City. Then the snow would be deep, wet and heavy. No fun to drive in but if you could be snug inside where you could sit and watch it, it was gorgeous. Come back to Boise for a visit. We've had like 20 inches of snow this month!

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