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Snow update 2 hrs later

Captain Katie Underpants

Do your teenagers enjoy spirit week at school? And have they ever made you so embarassed for you to see them walk out the door you want to hide?  Well, I think Katie has achieved this today, I didn't know it was possible. I love it that she is one of the only teens at her school that takes spirit day so seriously and has so much fun with it but....................  So I am sharing this photo with all of you my blogger pals in hopes you will have a good laugh with me as well (and thank goodness I didn't let her borrow "my" underpants for this! oh my! ew ew ew)


And you want to know the BEST part of all of this? They cancelled school today hahahahaha  She nearly died! So we had to take a photo to document & share anyhow. I am sure it will appear on her myspace sometime later today lol. We are supposed to be getting snow- yes I say "supposed" to be getting because for 2 years now they have called for snow and all I see is a light dusting like someone sprinkled powdered sugar all over lightly.  It gets cold here that is for sure, but snow? HA! I am from the state of Washington and lived at the foot of MT Adams for 18 years- you want snow?  go there! It's gorgeous! My oldest son Ray (yes he is still single and available gals!) 


still lives there and they have about a foot I think he said, could be more I just don't remember. I love it here, but I sure miss this view!   Photo taken by D. Lloyd  They talk about mountains here in Missouri and Kay and I have to laugh because they are more like hills to us!  So anyhow, the kids are home from school today- oh yay.  Some friends from Relief Society (It is the largest women’s organization in the world. Two primary objectives of the Relief Society are compassionate service and strengthening the women of the Church) will be here this afternoon to do a bit of cleaning to help me out while I am recovering and they have no idea how grateful I already am! And now the teens are here to help too! yahoo! lol

I hope you have a wonderful day and IF we really do get snow, you will be able to her the shouts of joy from our house all across the county! We have some great sledding hills right here in the back yard, "if we only had some snow" (to the tune of the If I only had a brain from wizard of oz).

Oh, and I will definately share any photos of the "snow" with you too! 

Katie made a batch of bread and it's rising in the bowl. I think we will put together some homemade soup in the crock pot using a Homemade Gourmet mix and have food all done for the day! I pray your life is full of blessings today, I know that mine is. hugs! G


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Susan Cooper

We did that at our school... an elementary school. One of the teachers came as Cpt. Underpants. She wore men's white briefs over jeans. She had a red cape on that said Cpt. Underpants. Ours was "Dress as your favorite book character". Only the young ones can get away with that... I love your picture.

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