After Christmas
3x6 Friendship cards-- TUTORIAL!!!

Pretty in Pink

I absolutely love this card made by Melanie.  She used pretty in pink and whisper white- my 2 favorite SU colors!

the bg stamp is Baroque with pink chiffon ribbon. What beautiful wedding or shower cards this makes!

What an elegant and beautiful card. Thanks Mel for sharing your card with me!


I have been spending my time either helping kay with the taxes (yuck) or sorting and cleaning and re-organizing in my stamp room. I have thrown a ton of stuff away and each day I go in there with the intent of cleaning off my table lol, I find another box of stuff to sort and deal with and do that instead!

I hope your weekend is wonderful! I will check back on Monday in time for the last of the year.  On Monday we will be taking down all the decorations and putting them away- I have surgery the 8th so I need to get as much done (cooking too) this coming week as I can.



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Diane Lapointe

That is a nice card!! You should recycle instead of throwing out!! Like they say...someone's
garbage could be someone else's treasures,lol.
Happy New Year to you and your family Gwen!!!

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